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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Is There to Say?

By Vernon Duke & E.Y. "Yip" Harburg

A classic theater song of the 1930s, this sophisticated treasure was written for the Ziegfeld Follies of 1934--the first Ziegfeld revue produced after the legendary impresario's death two years prior. It was introduced on stage by Jane Froman and Everett Marshall, and soon after recorded by Emil Coleman and His Riviera Orchestra (the hotel band for the Waldorf Astoria). Reportedly, without Ziegfeld at the helm, behind the scenes politics raged, involving Ziegeld's widow Billie Burke (the future Glinda of The Wizard of Oz), show star Fanny Brice and even the Schubert Theatre where the show was being put on. This reportedly led to the demise of the Duke (pictured)/Harburg partnership, which has also produced "April in Paris" the year before.


What is there to say
and what is there to do
The dream I've been seeking
has practically speaking come true

What is there to say
and how will I pull through
I knew in a moment
contentment and wholement, just you

You are so lovable
So livable
Your beauty is just unforgivable
You're made to marvel at
and words to that effect

So what is there to say
and what is there to do
My heart's in a deadlock
I'd even face wedlock with you

Recorded By:

Mel Torme
Ella Fitzgerald
Sonny Rollins
Nat King Cole
Gerry Mulligan

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