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Friday, July 19, 2019

You Oughta Be in Pictures

By Dana Suesse and Edward Heyman

An iconic anthem of show business in the same vein as "Hooray for Hollywood", this song was composed by prolific musical virtuoso Dana Suesse, one of the rare woman standouts of the songbook era, and a person referred to in the press of the time as "the girl Gershwin". She and accomplished lyricist Edward Heyman purportedly wrote the song for an unproduced Columbia Pictures film, New York Town, but it was instead introduced on record by the legendary Rudy Vallee, who made it an instant classic and one of the songs most evocative of the 1930s.

You oughta be in pictures, 
You're wonderful to see, 
You oughta be in pictures, 
Oh what a hit you would be!
Your voice would thrill a nation, 
Your face would be adored, 
You'd make a great sensation 
With wealth and fame your reward;

And if you should kiss the way you kiss, 
When we're alone, 
You'd make ev'ry girl and man 
A fan worshiping at your throne.
You oughta shine as brightly 
As Jupiter and Mars; 
You oughta be in pictures, 
My star of stars.

Recorded By:

Doris Day
The Boswell Sisters
Al Bowlly
Connie Francis
Joel Grey

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