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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've Got a Crush on You

By George & Ira Gershwin

This unquestioned Gershwin classic is unique in having been used for two of their musicals, Treasure Girl and Strike Up the Band. In the first of the two, it was introduced by Mary Hay and Clifton Webb. Some 15 years later, a young Frank Sinatra would make the song his own. His Columbia recording would become one the cornerstones of his budding solo career.


How glad the many millions
Of Annabelles and Lillians would be,
To capture me.
But you had such persistence,
You wore down my resistance.
I fell, and it was swell.
I'm your big and brave and handsome Romeo,
How I won you I shall never, never know.
It's not that you're attractive,
But, oh, my heart grew active
When you came into view...

Ive got a crush on you, sweetie pie.
All the day and nighttime, hear me sigh.
I never had the least notion
That I could fall with so much emotion.

Could you coo? Could you care?
For a cunning cottage we could share?
The world will pardon my mush,
'Cause I have got a crush, my baby, on you.

Recorded By:

Ella Fitzgerald
Stacey Kent
Peggy Lee
Julie London
Michael Buble

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