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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello, Young Lovers

By Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II

A somewhat mournful, bittersweet tune written for the Rodgers & Hammerstein smash hit The King and I, in which it was sung by the character of Anna (played by Deborah Kerr but voiced by Marni Nixon.) Anna sings to the King of Siam's wives about her late husband, using some of Oscar Hammerstein's finest lyrics. One of the film's most successful songs, and an instant standard.


When I think of Tom.
I think of a night,
When the earth smelled of summer
And the sky was streaked with white,
The soft mist of England
Was sleeping on a hill.

I remember this,
And I always will...
There are new lovers now
On the same silent hill,
Looking on the same blue sea.
And I know Tom and I are a part of them all --
And they're all a part of Tom an me.

Hello young lovers, whoever you are,
I hope your troubles are few.
All my good wishes go with you tonight,
I've been in love like you.

Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star,
Be brave and faithful and true,
Cling very close to each other tonight.
I've been in love like you.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels,
And to fly down the street in a trance.
You fly down a street on the chance that you meet,
And you meet -- not really by chance.

Don't cry young lovers, whatever you do,
Don't cry because I'm alone;
All of my memories are happy tonight,
I've had a love of my own.
I've had a love of my own, like yours-
I've had a love of my own.

Recorded By:

Perry Como
Bobby Darrin
Frank Sinatra
Guy Lombardo
Marvin Gaye

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