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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Hear Music

By Burton Lane & Frank Loesser

A major hit from an obscure musical film entitled Dancing on a Dime. It was introduced in the movie by Robert Paige, Peter Lind Hayes, Frank Jenks and Eddie Quillan. But it became much more of a standard a bit later, when it was taken by post-war jazz performers. It remains one of Loesser's catchier tunes, and perhaps his finest collaboration with Lane (right).


I hear music,
Mighty fine music.
The murmur of a morning breeze up there,
The rattle of the milkman on the stair.

Sure that's music,
Mighty fine music.
The singing of a sparrow in the sky,
The perking of the coffee right near by.

That's my favorite melody,
You my angel, phoning me.

I hear music,
Mighty fine music.
And anytime I think my world is wrong,
I get me out of bed and sing this song.

Recorded By:

Ella Fitzgerald
Billie Holiday
Carmen McRae
Gene Krupa
Bobby McPherrin


Claudia Lawrence said...

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Mara said...

My favorite version of this song was done by Blossom Dearie, on her self titled album originally released in 1956. I love to play that CD while driving, such wonderful songs with the unforgettable voice of Ms. Dearie!

B-Sol said...

I adore the Blossom Dearie version! Jonathan Schwartz plays it a lot on his radio show here in NY, and on satellite radio. Great stuff.

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