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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Isn't This a Lovely Day (To Be Caught in the Rain)?

By Irving Berlin

One of several American pop classics to have been derived from the sublime Berlin cinematic musical Top Hat, this number was of course written for Fred Astaire, who sings it for Ginger Rogers in the film. Since then, it's gently lilting melody and warm, carefree lyric have made it an unquestioned standard, favored by purveyors of light/piano jazz in particular. The essence of Astaire and Rogers, from the best of their RKO days.


The weather is frightening,
The thunder and lightning
Seem to be having their way,
But as far as I'm concerned,
It's a lovely day.
The turn in the weather
Will keep us together
So I can honestly say
That as far as I'm concerned,
It's a lovely day and everythings ok.

Isn't this a lovely day to be caught in the rain?
You were going on your way,
Now you've got to remain.

Just as you were going,
Leaving me all at sea,
The clouds broke, they broke,
And oh what a break for me.

I can see the sun up high,
Though we're caught in a storm.
I can see where you and I could be cozy and warm.

Let the rain pitter patter,
But it really doesn't matter
If the skies are grey.
Long as I can be with you,
It's a lovely day.

Recorded By:

Tony Bennett
Ella Fitzgerald
Diana Krall
Jeri Southern
Oscar Peterson


emma wallace said...

This song gets in my head all the time. Love it!

B-Sol said...


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