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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There's a Small Hotel

By Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart

According to lyricist Lorenz Hart's autobiography, this song was inspired by a visit to the historic Stockton Inn in New Jersey. Hart reportedly hated he melody and enjoyed taunting Rodgers by ad-libbing raunchy verses for it. Nevertheless, it is a true Rodgers & Hart charmer, written originally for their musical Billy Rose's Jumbo, but used instead for On Your Toes. It was introduced by Ray Bolger and Doris Carson.


There's a small hotel
With a wishing well...
I wish that we were there, together.

There's a bridal suite,
One room bright and neat...
Complete for us to share, together.

Looking through the window,
You can see that distant steeple.
Not a sign of people -- who wants people?

When the steeple bell says,
"Good night, sleep well,"
We'll thank the small hotel, together.

Recorded By:

Frank Sinatra
Ella Fitzgerald
Benny Goodman
Della Reese
Chet Baker

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