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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Radio Debut of Standard of the Day--TONIGHT!

Sorry for the short notice on this, music lovers, but tonight is going to be a big night in the history of Standard of the Day... That's because we're taking it to the airwaves for the first time ever! This is something I've been working on for a little while now, and I've just got word that it's going to be happening this evening, during the wee small hours of the morning (Frank would be proud).

If you're in the vicinity of Bridgeport, Connecticut, I'll be on 89.5 WPKN-FM tonight at 3:00am Eastern time. For anyone outside the vicinity, you can easily stream the station at http://wpkn.org. I'll be playing some of my favorite recordings of classic selections from the Great American Songbook--the kind of music I've been celebrating here at SOTD since 2008! I'm very psyched at this opportunity, and hopefully it will turn into a somewhat regular thing.

And have no fear--SOTD will continue to exist right here on the web, doing what it's always done, which is help to keep this music alive and well in my own small way. I'm just extending the reach in the most intuitive way possible, sharing the music I love with listeners live on the radio! So if you happen to be up tonight at 3, head over to 89.5 WPKN-FM or http://wpkn.org and give it a listen! The show will also be archived on the website for listening at a later time, for all those who keep normal sleeping hours...

UPDATE: Had a great time last night! It was a dream come true sharing these great standards live on the air, and the perfect extension of this website that has been my labor of love for four years now. My grandfather would most definitely have been proud beyond words. I hope some of you had a chance to listen, and I'm hoping for more installments of Standard of the Day on WPKN in the near future!
Jonathan Schwartz, eat your heart out.
 If you're interested in listening, the show has been archived here:

However, be advised that it's embedded an about an hour deep into a four-hour block of radio, and you can't skip ahead. But you'll get to hear some other great music from WPKN's Bobby D along the way, so hang in there and enjoy the first edition of Standard of the Day on the radio!

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