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Friday, September 14, 2012

Azure Te

By Bill Davis & Don Wolf

A jazz gem that came along just as the new forms were emerging post World War II, including be bop and the nascent rhythm and blues that would lead to rock 'n roll. Wild Billy Davis was an innovative jazz pianist and organist who had done stints with the ensembles of Louis Jordan (pictured) and Duke Ellington among others, when he put this easy, supercool number together along with Don Wolf (who'd later contribute to the timeless early rock instrumental "Sleepwalk"). Jordan's band introduced the song.


Gone and got the blues in Paris  
Paris blues called Azure-Te  
How can I be blue in Paris?  
It's easy 'cause you're far away  
Can't lose these blues, this Azure-Te
Side-walk tables filled with people  

Always happy, always gay  
Still I'm all alone in Paris  
Praying you'll return someday  
Can't lose this blues, this Azure-Te
Montmartre, springtime, Eiffel Tower  

Funny taxis, the kids at play  
Paris without you is lonesome  
Yearning more and more each day  
Can't lose these blues, this Azure-Te
If you knew how much I need you  

You'd come back to me to stay  
Having you with me in Paris Really is the only way  
You lose these blues, this Azure-Te  
These Paris blues, this Azure-Te
Recorded By:
Ella Fitzgerald
Frank Sinatra
George Shearing
Duke Ellington

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