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Thursday, July 24, 2008

How About You?

By Burton Lane & Ralph Freed

Often also referred to as "I Like New York in June," this sweet number was written for the Busby Berkeley musical Babes on Broadway, in which it was introduced by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Lyricist Ralph Freed was the brother of movie producer Arthur Freed. On his 1956 album Songs for Swingin' Lovers, Sinatra famously changed the lyric "Franklin Roosevelt's looks" to "James Durante's looks."


When a girl meets boy,
Life can be a joy,
But the note they end on
Will depend on little pleasures they will share;
So let us compare.

I like New York in June,
How about you?
I like a Gershwin tune,
How about you?
I love a fireside when a storm is due.
I like potato chips, moonlight and motor trips,
How about you?

I'm mad about good books,
Can't get my fill,
And Franklin Roosevelt's looks
Give me a thrill.
Holding hands at the movie show,
When all the lights are low
May not be new,
But I like it, how about you?

I like Jack Benny's jokes.
To a degree.
I love the common folks.
That includes me.
I like to window shop on 5th Avenue.
I like banana splits, late supper at the Ritz, how about you?

I love to dream of fame, maybe I'll shine.
I'd love to see your name right beside mine.
I can see we're in harmony.
Looks like we both agree on what to do.
And I like it, how about you?

Recorded By:

Tommy Dorsey
Buddy Greco
Tony Bennett
Frank Sinatra
Judy Garland

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