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Thursday, July 31, 2008

You're Easy to Dance With

By Irving Berlin

Berlin came up with the concept of a movie musical about a hotel that only opens on major holidays. The result was the 1942 Paramount motion picture Holiday Inn, starring Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. This song was used, naturally, as a dance number for Astaire and leading lady Virginia Dale. It is reprised twice in the film. Holiday Inn is, of course, best known for the song "White Christmas".


I could dance nightly,
Just holding you tightly, my sweet.
I could keep right on,
Because you're so light on your feet.
You're easy to dance with.

There is no doubt in
The way we stand out in the crowd.
Though it's called dancing,
To me it's romancing out loud
You're easy to dance with.

Loving you,
The way I do,
Makes you easy to dance with.
That is why I'm always right on the beat.
All those charms
In one man's arms
Makes you easy to dance with.
I can hardly keep my mind on my feet.

Let's dance forever.
Come on, say we'll never be through.
It's so easy to dance with you.

Recorded By:

Fred Astaire & Oscar Peterson
Benny Goodman
Peggy Lee
Bing Crosby
Tony Bennett

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