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Monday, September 8, 2008

Deep in a Dream

By Jimmy Van Heusen & Eddie DeLange

Van Heusen and band leader DeLange (pictured) were introduced in 1938 by Tin Pan Alley song plugger Charlie Warren, and the result was this song, along with tunes like "All This and Heaven Too" and "Darn that Dream". It was first recorded by Connee Boswell, recently gone solo after her successful sister act. It was also featured in the 1939 Chuck Jones-directed Warner Bros. cartoon Naughty but Mice.


I dim all the lights and I sink in my chair.
The smoke from my cigarette climbs through the air.
The walls of my room fade away in the blue,
And I'm deep in a dream of you.

The smoke makes a stairway for you to descend;
You come to my arms, may this bliss never end,
For we love anew just as we used to do
When I'm deep in a dream of you.

Then from the ceiling, sweet music comes stealing;
We glide through a lover's refrain, you're so appealing
That I'm soon revealing my love for you over again.

My cigarette burns me, I wake with a start;
My hand isn't hurt, but there's pain in my heart.
Awake or asleep, ev'ry mem'ry I'll keep
Deep in a dream of you.

Recorded By:

Chet Baker
Artie Shaw
Frank Sinatra
Dave Brubeck
Cab Calloway

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