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Sunday, September 28, 2008


By Eddie Cooley & John Davenport

After being published by Cooley and "Davenport" (a pseudonym for early rock 'n roll songwriter Otis Blackwell), the tune was introduced by R&B singer Little Willie John. But it was Peggy Lee's iconic 1958 version, with its classic bassline, that made the song a standard. A precursor to the rock n' roll style that would soon take over, the song is actually constructed on almost the exact same chord progression, tempo and key as Tennessee Ernie Ford's recording of "Sixteen Tons" from 1955.


Never know how much i love you,
Never know how much i care.
When you put your arms around me,
I get a fever that's so hard to bare.

You give me fever--
When you kiss me,
Fever when you hold me tight.
In the morning,
Fever all through the night.

Sun lights up the day time,
Moon lights up the night,
I light up when you call my name,
And I know you're gonna treat me right.

You give me fever--
When you kiss me,
Fever when you hold me tight.
In the morning,
Fever all through the night.

Everybody's got the fever,
That is something you all know.
Fever isn't such a new thing,
Fever start long ago.

Romeo loved Juliet,
Juliet she felt the same.
When he put his arms around her,
He said, "Julie baby, your my flame,

"Now give me fever--
When were kissin'
Fever with that flamin' youth.
I'm on fire,
Fever, yay, I burn, forsooth."

Captain Smith and Pocahontas
Had a very mad affair.
When her daddy tried to kill him,
She said, "Daddy, oh don't you dare!

"He gives me fever--
With his kisses,
Fever when he holds me tight.
I'm his misses.
Daddy, won't you treat him right?"

Now you listened to my story,
Here's the point that I have made:
Chicks were born to give you fever,
Be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

They give you fever--
When you kiss them,
Fever if you live and learn.
Till you sizzle,
What a lovely way to burn.

Recorded By:

Michael Buble
Sarah Vaughan
Ella Fitzgerald
Nina Simone

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