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Sunday, October 12, 2008


By F.D. Marchetti & Dick Manning

This song took quite a unique journey. It began its life in 1905 as a French tune by Marchetti and lyricist Maurice de Feraudy. Twenyy-seven years later, American lyricist Manning added English words, and the renamed song was published in the U.S. by the Southern Music Company. It remained in obscurity for another 25 years, when it was used as the main theme for the Audrey Hepburn/William Holden film Love in the Afternoon. The unforgettable recording by Jane Morgan soon followed, and the song was immortalized.


It was fascination, I know,
And it might have ended
Right then, at the start.
Just a passing glance,
Just a brief romance,
And I might have gone on my way
Empty hearted.

It was fascination, I know,
Seeing you alone
With the moonlight above.
Then I touched your hand,
And the moment I kissed you,
Fascination turned to love.

Recorded By:

Nat King Cole
Dinah Shore
Dick Jacobs
Paul Mauriat
Maya Barsony

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