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Friday, October 24, 2008


By Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed

Written for Bing Crosby to sing in his motion picture Going Hollywood, this song would actually get its most famous recording courtesy of Perry Como 12 years later. Como recorded it four different times over the course of his career. The exotic-sounding tune also made an appearance in Singin' in the Rain, almost 20 years after it was published.


You came,
I was alone,
I should have known,
You were temptation!

You smiled,
Luring me on,
My heart was gone,
And you were temptation!

It would be thrilling if you were willing,
And if it can never be, pity me,
For you were born to be kissed.
I cant resist, you are temptation,
And I am yours!

Here is my heart!
Take it and say that we'll never part!
I'm just a slave, only a slave,
To you!

I'm your slave!

Recorded By:

Artie Shaw
The Everly Brothers
Charlie Parker
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
Screamin' Jay Hawkins


Anonymous said...

You left off the fabulous recording of Tem-Tay-Shun by Cinderella G. Stump and Red Ingle, better known as Jo Stafford accompanied by Homer & Jethro.

(The June Carter and Johnny Cash version is actually a cover of the Jo Stafford recording.)

B-Sol said...

I never knew the Cash version was a cover of Jo Stafford's spoof recording. Very interesting.

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