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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy, He Calls Me

By Bob Russell & Carl Sigman

Elling and Sigman had the enviable benefit of having this song introduced by the one and only Billie Holiday. Sigman (pictured) was a lyricist who had collaborated with many, and is also responsible for songs like "Pennsylvania 6-5000" and "Enjoy Yourself". He was a protege of Johnny Mercer, perhaps the greatest lyricist of them all.


I say I'll move the mountains,
And I'll move the mountains,
If he wants them out of the way.
Crazy he calls me,
Sure, I'm crazy,
Crazy in love, I say.

I say I'll go through fire,
And I'll go through fire.
As he wants it, so it will be.
Crazy he calls me,
Sure, I'm crazy,
Crazy in love, you see.

Like the wind that shakes the bough,
He moves me with a smile.
The difficult I'll do right now,
The impossible will take a little while.

I say I'll care forever,
And I mean forever,
If I have to hold up the sky.
Crazy he calls me,
Sure, I'm crazy,
Crazy in love am I.

Recorded By:

Dinah Washington
Aretha Franklin
Peggy Lee
Anita O'Day
Natalie Cole


emma wallace said...

Ah, I adore this song. The melody is so beautiful - almost reminds me of a Chopin nocturne.


B-Sol said...

And Sigman's lyric is very reminiscent of Johnny Mercer's style, it's definitely clear they crossed paths!

keithoe said...

Billy Holiday also recorded this.

B-Sol said...

Yes, she actually introduced it. I mentioned that.

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