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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ebb Tide

By Robert Maxwell & Carl Sigman

A late-era standard, this was a hit song composed during a time of big, bombastic and lush pop songs. It's certainly one of the best examples, and has even been co-opted by lots of rock-influenced vocal groups. The Frank Chacksfield orchestra introduced it, and it became a major hit mere months later for Vic Damone. Both Maxwell's melody and Sigman's gorgeous lyric combine to give the real effect of an ocean tide rushing in...


First the tide rushes in,
Plants a kiss on the shore,
Then rolls out to sea,
And the sea is very still once more.

So I rush to your side,
Like the oncoming tide,
With one burning thought,
Will your arms open wide?

At last we're face to face,
And as we kiss through an embrace,
I can tell, I can feel,
You are love, your are real,
Really mine in the rain,
In the dark, in the sun,
Like the tide at its ebb,
I'm at peace in the web of your arms.

Recorded By:

The Righteous Brothers
Frank Sinatra
Jerry Colonna
Santo & Johnny
Ella Fitzgerald

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