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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Piccolino

By Irving Berlin

An infectious dance number written by Berlin for the superb musical comedy film Top Hat, which featured a suite of top flight songs danced to by none other than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Astaire himself sings it in the movie, as part of one of the picture's most elaborate dance numbers.


By the Adriatic waters,
Venetian sons and daughters
Are strumming a new tune upon their guitars.

It was written by a Latin,
A gondolier who sat in
His home out in Brooklyn and gazed at the stars.

He sent his melody across the sea to Italy,
And we know they wrote some words to fit that catchy bit,
And christened it the Piccolino.

And we know that it's the reason
Why ev'ryone this season
Is strumming and humming a new melody.

Come to the Casino,
And hear them play the Piccolino.
Dance with your bambino
To the strains of the catchy Piccolino.

Drink your glass of Vino,
And when you've had your plate of Scallopino,
Make them play the Piccolino, the catchy Piccolino.
And dance to the strains of that new melody, the Piccolino.

Recorded By:

Fred Astaire
Mel Torme
Harry Roy & His Band
Rosey Miyano


Mara said...

I absolutely adore this song - I even sing it in the shower!

Couldn't agree with you more about Top Hat - great tunes, superb cast and clever lines. And Ginger in that infamous feathered dress!

One small point - it's Ginger who sings a bubbling rendition of this song to Fred while seated at the outdoor cafe, before they hop to their feet and get dancing!

Catchy tune, lovely movie!!

Mara said...

For your enjoyment:

B-Sol said...

Thank you, Mara!!! :-)
Loved watching that. And thanks for the correction, too. Keep reading--glad to have you aboard!

Mara said...

Thanks for the welcome! Love your site - was linked to it a few weeks ago from Balloon Juice and I've been enjoying it ever since.

I'm crazy about old movies and great songs so this is just the place for me. (I like science fiction and horror too, so I feel right at home!)

Lots of terrific reading to catch up on, and wonderful songs to remember. Sometimes those lyrics start getting a bit hazy in my memory, so thanks for them, too.

I'll be seeing you ......

emma wallace said...

Love this song! It gets stuck in my head all the time! But i can't complain as its melody and wackadoo lyrics keep me from being grumpy!

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