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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Will I Tell My Heart?

By Jack Lawrence, Peter Tinturin & Irving Gordon


A song draped in controversy! Lawrence (pictured) wrote the lyric based on a title suggested by his partner Tinturin. What Tinturin didn't mention was that he had gotten the title originally from Gordon. So when the song became a huge hit, Gordon sued through ASCAP and got part credit for the song. Due to Lawrence's connections at Decca Records, the song was introduced by Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy before they even had a publisher signed up.


I'll try to explain to friends, dear,
The reason we two are apart;
I know what to tell our friends, dear
But what will I Tell My Heart

It's easy to say to strangers,
That we played a game from the start,
It's easy to lie, to strangers,
But what will I tell my heart

When I smile to hide all the tears inside,
what an ache it will bring;
Then I'll wander home to a telephone
that forgot how to ring

I could say you'll soon be back dear
To fool the whole town may be smart
I'll tell them you'll soon be back dear
But what will I tell my heart?

Recorded By:

Ella Fitzgerald
Fats Domino
Vanessa Williams
Joe Williams
Bing Crosby

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