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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan

By Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz

With its catchy tune and lyric, this sophisticated song was written for the Broadway revue The Little Show. It was introduced by Clifton Webb, the actor who would gain great acclaim decades later for his roles in movies like Laura, The Razor's Edge, Cheaper By the Dozen and the "Mr. Belvedere" films. The Little Show also produced the hit song "Can't We Be Friends", written by Kay Swift & Paul James. Fred Astaire would bring the song back nearly 25 years later in The Band Wagon. Trivia note: this tune came to be popularly known as "The Blue Pajama Song".


I guess I'll have to change my plan.
I should have realized there'd be another man.
I overlooked that point completely,
Until the big affair began.

Before I knew where I was at,
I found myself upon the shelf, and that was that.
I tried to reach the moon,
But when I got there,
All that I could get was the air.
My feet are back upon the ground--
I lost the one girl I'd found.

I guess I'll have to change my plan,
I should have realized there'd by another man.
Why did I buy those blue pajamas,
Before the big affair began?

My boiling point is much too low,
For me to try to be a fly Lothario.
I think I'll crawl right back into my shell,
Dwelling in my personal hell.
I'll have to change my plan around--
I lost the one girl I'd found.

Recorded By:

Frank Sinatra
Bobby Darrin
Ella Fitzgerald
Stacey Kent
Tony Bennett


Trombonology said...

Some very fine ones, these last few days – "Devil" and "Pick Yourself Up" – but here I am commenting on another Schwartz and Dietz: Just a terrific combination of melody and words. I especially like the "blue pajamas" and "personal hell" lines. Great team, S & D.

B-Sol said...

A perfect combination of melody and lyrics, one of my all-time favorites. Schwartz & Dietz were great, and of course I've been an avid listener of Arthur's son Jonathan since I was a kid.

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