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Friday, August 22, 2008

Love Me or Leave Me

By Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn

Along with "Makin' Whoopee", this was one of the hit songs produced by the musical comedy Whoopee!, a Florenz Ziegfeld musical comedy of 1928. It was introduced in the show by Ruth Etting (pictured), who made a hit record of it shortly thereafter. She became famous for the song, performing it in later Broadway shows. A 1955 film of her life, in which she was portrayed by Doris Day, was named for the song.


Love me or leave me,
And let me be lonely.
You won't believe me,
But I love you only.
I'd rather be lonely
Than happy with somebody else.

You might find the night time
The right time for kissing.
Night time is my time
For just reminiscing.
Regretting instead of
Forgetting with somebody else.

There'll be no one,
Unless that someone is you.
I intend to be
Independently blue.

I want you love,
And I don't wanna borrow.
Have it today,
To give back tomorrow.
Your love is my love--
There's no love for nobody else.

Recorded By:

Billie Holiday
Nina Simone
Sammy Davis Jr.
Lena Horne
Maude Maggart


Anonymous said...

Hey, looking through your archives. Just posted a comment on the previous post -- found you through Vault of Horror. To follow up on your post there, I don't know how much overlap there is, but at least there's you and me.

You could always post on both sites about Stella By Starlight/The Uninvited, and kill two birds with one stone. (There may be other horror/standards crossovers, but I'm not aware of them. Let me know.)

I have never understood the current association between horror films and metal music. Seriously, if you were an undead revenant who's been around for a couple hundred years, would you really want to hang out with smelly adolescents and listen to loud, pretentious metal and electronica? If I were a walking corpse, I'd want to hear the goddamned melody.

Let me know if you want chords to any of these songs. 'Cause if I don't know, I can figure it out.

B-Sol said...

Yep, I'm planning a "Stella By Starlight" post soon, possibly as a crossover between the two blogs. I don't get the horror/metal connection, either. Bloody-Disgusting even posts metal CD reviews. Perhaps that could be the subject of a future VofH post!
And by the way, you nailed it with "pretentious"--that's the one problem I've had with a lot of hard rock. Fans discuss it like it's Beethoven, and then they play it for you, and it's just a mess.

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