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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sweet Lorraine

By Cliff Burwell & Mitchell Parish

Legend has it this song played a direct part in turning Nat Cole from a pianist to a singer, and earning him his famous nickname. A lover of the tune since he was a boy, when Cole--then strictly a piano player--was asked by a spectator to sing, he performed it, to everyone's amazement. Thus, a "King" was born. The song had originally been introduced a decade earlier by Rudy Vallee, but Cole would up scoring a much bigger hit with it.


Just found joy,
I'm as happy as a baby boy
With another brand new choo-choo toy,
When I'm with my sweet Lorraine.

She's got a pair of eyes
That are brighter than the summer skies.
When you see them, you'll realize
Why I love my sweet Lorraine.

When it's raining, I don't miss the sun,
Because it's in my baby's smile.
And to think that I'm the lucky one
That will lead her down the aisle!

Each night I pray
That no one will steal her heart away.
I can't wait until that lucky day,
When I marry sweet Lorraine.

Recorded By:

Stephane Grappelli
Teddy Wilson
Marvin Gaye
Jimmie Noone
Frank Sinatra

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