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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seems Like Old Times

By John Jacob Loeb & Carmen Lombardo

Originally recorded by Guy Lombardo and his orchestra, this song went on to become the theme of Arthur Godfrey's radio program. It would also be used to moving effect in Woody Allen's classic Annie Hall, in which it was sung by co-star Diane Keaton.


Remember all the things we did together?
All the fun we had on New Year's Eve?
How we danced till dawn?
Then darling, you were gone,
Now it's almost too good to believe.

Seems like old times,
Having you to walk with.
Seems like old times,
Having you to talk with.

And it's still a thrill just to have my arms around you,
Still the thrill that it was the day I found you.

Seems like old times,
Dinner dates and flowers.
Just like old times,
Staying up for hours.

Making dreams come true,
Doing things we used to do.
Seems like old times,
Being here with you

Recorded By:

Vaughan Monroe
Rosemary Clooney
Thelma Carpenter
The Four Freshmen
Harry James

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