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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taking a Chance on Love

By Vernon Duke, John Latouche & Ted Fetter

An infectiously rhythmic melody by Duke (pictured) and clever lyrics make it easy to understand how this song became a standard shortly after being introduced by Ethel Water and Dooley Wilson in the all-black musical Cabin in the Sky. Three years after the film's release, Benny Goodman's orchestra (Helen Forrest vocal) scored a number-one hit with it.


Here I go again,
I hear those trumpets blow again.
All aglow again,
Taking a chance on love.

Here I slide again,
About to take that ride again.
Starry eyed again,
Taking a chance on love.

I thought that cards were a frame-up
I never would try.
Now I'm taking that game up,
And the ace of hearts is high.

Things are mending now,
I see a rainbow blending now.
We'll have a happy ending now.
Taking a chance on love.

Here I slip again,
About to take that trip again.
I got that grip again,
Taking a chance on love.

Now I prove again
That I can make life move again.
I'm in a groove again,
Taking a chance on love.

I walk around with a horseshoe,
In clover I lie.
And brother rabbit of course you
Better kiss your foot good-bye.

On the ball again,
I'm riding for a fall again.
I'm gonna give my all again,
Taking a chance on love.

Recorded By:

Tony Bennett
Frank Sinatra
Les Brown
Dave Brubeck
Rosemary Clooney

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