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Monday, June 13, 2011

Broadway Rhythm

By Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed

Often mistakenly referred to as "Gotta Dance", thanks to the well-known refrain within the lyrics, this song is known to many thanks to its performance by Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, perhaps the greatest film musical of all time. However, the song originates in the much earlier musical, Broadway Melody of 1936. It was introduced on record that same year by Frances Langford.


Oh, that Broadway rhythm
Oh, that broadway rhythm
When I hear that happy beat,
Feel like dancing down the street.
To that Broadway rhythm,
Writhing, beating rhythm.
Gotta dance! Gotta dance!
Gotta dance! Gotta dance!

Broadway rhythm it’s got me
Everybody dance
Broadway rhythm it’s got me
Everybody dance!
Out on the gay white way
In each merry cafe,
Orchestras play,
Taking your breath away.
(With a) Broadway rhythm, it’s got me
Everybody sing and dance!

Recorded By:

Guy Lombardo
Gene Kelly
Frances Langford
Caroll Gibbons
Judy Garland


P.A. Systems said...

I remember watching this thanks to my mother's persuasion. Judy Garland is a personal hero. Those were the good old days!

B-Sol said...

I discovered Judy much the same way. I'm very grateful for the influence my older relatives had on me, that's for sure!

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