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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh, Lady Be Good!

By George & Ira Gershwin

An early Gershwin number from their highly successful Broadway production Lady Be Good (starring Fred & Adele Astaire), this infectious gem was first sung by Walter Catlett. A young Ella Fitzgerald made a huge hit in 1947 with a swinging scat rendition that became one of her most identifiable recordings. The song has been associated with her ever since.


Listen to my tale of woe,
It's terribly sad, but true.
All dressed up, no place to go,
Each ev'ning I'm awfully blue.
I know I'm a winsome miss.
I must win some handsome guy,
Can't go on like this.
I could blossom out I know,
With somebody just like you. So...

Oh, sweet and lovely lady, be good.
Oh, lady, be good to me.
I am so awf'ly misunderstood,
So lady, be good to me.

Oh, please have some pity.
I'm all alone in this big city.

I tell you I'm just a lonesome babe in the wood,
So, lady be good to me.

Recorded By:

Mel Torme
Django Reinhardt
Count Basie
Dizzy Gillespie
Benny Goodman


emma wallace said...

Love Ella's rendition of this! Django Reinhardt's version is marvelous too.

B-Sol said...

Thanks Emma, I couldn't agree more! Ella really made the song her own.

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