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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Continental

By Con Conrad & Herb Magidson

The gorgeous Ginger Rogers introduced this sophisticated number in one of her classic vehicles with Fred Astaire, The Gay Divorcee--a film that's a cornucopia of Astaire/Rogers gems. It holds the distinction of being the very first song awarded the Oscar for Best Original Song.


Beautiful music...
Dangerous rhythm...

It's something daring, the Continental.
A way of dancing that's really ultra-new.
It's very subtle, the Continental,
Because it does what you want it to do.

It has a passion, the Continental,
An invitation to moonlight and romance.
It's quite the fashion, the Continental,
Because you tell of your love while you dance.

You kiss while you're dancing.
It's continental, ooh, it's continental.
You sing while you're dancing.
Your voice is gentle, and so sentimental.

You'll know before the dance is through,
That you're in love with her and she's in love with you.
You'll find while you're dancin',
That there's a rhythm in your heart and soul,
A certain rhythm that you can't control,
And you will do the Continental all the time.

Beautiful music...
Dangerous rhythm...

The Continental!

Recorded By:

Leo Reisman
Frank Sinatra
Oscar Peterson
Nat King Cole
Django Reinhardt


Ava Quinn said...

Love this movie and this song. So light and bouncy.

But my favorite Astaire/Rogers picture is Swing Time. Beautiful songs, including the gorgeous standards - The Way You Look Tonight, Pick Yourself Up and A Fine Romance. Yet the standout for me is Never Gonna Dance when combined with the visual. Emotive and powerful.

emma wallace said...

This song stays in your head forever! It reminds me of "The Piccolino" in "Top Hat."
And Ava, "Never Gonna Dance" is so gorgeous! I love that one. I used it as inspiration for a song in my upcoming record.

B-Sol said...

YES, it reminds me of The Piccolino as well. And I'd be very interested in hearing your upcoming record. Perhaps a Standard of the Day review would be in order!

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