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Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Could We Be Wrong?

By Cole Porter1933

A song which works equally well as a foxtrot or a heartbreaking ballad, it was introduced by Gertrude Lawrence in the Porter musical, "Nymph Errant". Not one of Porter's best known compositions, but an extremely powerful one, nonetheless. For anyone who's ever found that someone with whom to sing life's duet.

The moment I saw you and you looked my way,
That moment of moments, I started to say:
"Could this be my long lost dream come true?"
The moment we touched, I knew.

How could we be wrong,
When we both are so set on it?
how could we be wrong?

Our love is so strong,
I'd be willing to bet on it.
How could we be wrong?

Why should it ever die?
Darling, you and I
Are too wonderfully happy today
To throw it away.

Now, life is a song.
If we build a duet on it,
How could we be wrong?

Recorded By:

Ray Noble w/Al Bowlly
Bobby Short
Maude Maggart
Billy Paul Williams
Charlotte McKinnon

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