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Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's the Talk of the Town

By Jerry Livingston, Marty Symes & Al J. Neigburg

A moving ballad whose lyrics is concerned with the gossip and shame that follows a canceled wedding after the invitations have already gone out, this song was introduced by the Glen Gray orchestra, one of many acts to record it in its debut year. The melody is a powerful one, moving up the scale with repeated notes, and then dramatically dropping as it approaches the title phrase.


I can't show my face,
Can't go anyplace,
People stop an' stare,
It's so hard to bare,
Everybody knows you left me,
It's the talk of the town . . .

Every time we meet,
My heart skips a beat,
We don't stop to speak,
'Though it's just a week,
Everybody knows you left me,
It's the talk of the town . . .

We send out invitations,
To friends and relations,
Announcing our weddin' day
Friends and our relations,
Gave congratulations,
How can you face them?
What can you say?

Let's make up sweetheart,
We can't stay apart,
Don't let foolish pride,
Keep you from my side,
How can love like ours be ended?
It's the talk of the town . . .

Recorded By:

Bing Crosby
Perry Como
Joe Williams
Fletcher Henderson
Rebecca Kilgore

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