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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby

By Fats Waller & Alex Hill

One of the signature tunes of the irrepressible Fats Waller, whose music is always a joy to listen to. He wrote this song himself, and naturally introduced it. It remains to this day one of the tunes most commonly associated with him, perhaps second only to "Ain't Misbehavin'". I've always found Hill's lyrics to be especially amusing. A fun song to sing along with.


I'm the world's most happy creature,
Tell me, what can worry me?
I'm crazy 'bout my baby,
And my baby's crazy 'bout me!

Mr. Cupid was our teacher,
That's the reason we agree,
I'm crazy 'bout my baby,
And my baby's crazy 'bout me!

Parson, get your book out,
Get it ready in your hand,
Keep a steady look-out;
'Cause I know you understand.

We're an A-one combination,
The perfect he and she,
I'm crazy 'bout my baby,
And my baby's crazy 'bout me!

Recorded By:

Cab Calloway
Louis Armstrong
Leon Redbone
Maxine Sullivan
Fletcher Henderson


Lily Strange said...

I love me some Fats!

James Haskell said...

I will have to say I liked Sachs version better.

Melayu said...

Come on.. Visiting my blog friend. and do not forget to exchange link with me!

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