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Monday, February 2, 2009

What's New?

By Bob Haggart & Johnny Burke

Originally written by Haggart as an instrumental for Bob Crosby's orchestra, this song was composed as "I'm Free". Burke was brought in by the publisher to add lyrics, and Crosby's band introduced the tune with words in 1939. Burke's unique lyric takes up the point of view of one of the participants in a conversation between former lovers. The song was used as the title track of Linda Rondstadt's first album of standards with Nelson Riddle, in 1983.


What's new?
How is the world treating you?
You haven't changed a bit.
Lovely as ever, I must admit.

What's new?
How did that romance come through?
We haven't met since then.
Gee, but it's nice to see you again.

What's new?
Probably I'm boring you.
But seeing you is grand,
And you were sweet to offer your hand.

I understand. Adieu!
Pardon my asking what's new.
Of course you couldn't know,
I haven't changed, I still love you so.

Recorded By:

Ella Fitzgerald
Frank Sinatra
Jack Jones
Betty Carter & Carmen McRae
Sonny Rollins

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