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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bye, Bye Blackbird

By Ray Henderson & Mort Dixon

A true anthem of the Roaring '20s, this tune was introduced by Gene Austin, but perhaps the most famous rendition was Josephine Baker's. Ironically, given the Nazi party's disdain for jazz, it was even adopted as part of Joseph Goebbel's propaganda campaign, given new words intended to demoralize Allied troops. It failed.


Pack up all my cares and woes,
Feeling low, here I go.
Bye, bye blackbird.

Where somebody waits for me.
Sugar's sweet--so is she.
Bye, bye blackbird.

No one seems to love or understand me,
And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me.
Where somebody shines the light,
I'll be coming home tonight.
Blackbird, bye bye.

Recorded By:

Nina Simone
Joe Cocker
John Coltrane
Liza Minelli
Peggy Lee


IntersectingTracery said...

Don't forget Patricia Barber's recording of this wonderful piece!

B-Sol said...

Yes, thank you. So many good ones!

Il Cavaliere said...

Wonderful. One of the best songs I´ve ever heard.

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