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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cry Me a River

By Arthur Hamilton

A sultry, powerful and vindictive song of wounded pride and love. Originally written for Ella Fitzgerald to sing in the 1955 film Pete Kelly's Blues, this song was instead dropped from the movie at the last minute. It would instead be introduced on record that year by Julie London (pictured), in what would become the signature version. She also performed it in the 1956 rock 'n' roll musical The Girl Can't Help It. It has since been recorded a vast number of times by a multitude of artists.


Now you say you love me,
You cried the whole night through.
Well you can cry me a river,
Cry me a river,
I cried a river over you.

Now you say you're sorry,
For bein' so untrue.
Well you can cry me a river,
Cry me a river,
I cried a river over you.

You drove me, nearly drove me
Out of my head;
While you never shed a tear.

Remember, I remember,
All that you said;
You told me love was too plebeian,
Told me you were through with me-

And now you say you love me,
Well, just to prove you do,
Cry me a river,
Cry me a river,
I cried a river over you.

Recorded By:

Barbra Streisand
Diana Krall
Lesley Gore
Anne Murray
Etta James


Il Cavaliere said...

I love this song. There´s a lot of wonderful renditions.


LoRbAdA said...

Great song!! I adore Cry Me a River!!

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